New Quest Portugal Tour Optional Extension

Viana do Castelo’s Santuaria de Santa Luzia, photo from

We invite you to join us for our five-day tour extension in northern Portugal when the main tour is over. The area is divided by a border now, but at one time northern Portugal and Galicia in Spain were both settled by ancient Celtic peoples, and remnants of them linger here. We will visit places layered deep with history and prehistory, from the Castro de São Lourenço, a settlement that goes back to over 1000 years B.C., to a modern town famous for its phallic baked goods, a tradition whose origins may go back to pre-Christian times.

We will visit ancient pagan sites, a palace with a collection of tapestries and ancient weapons, waterfalls in a famous national park, and the beautiful terraced hillsides along the Douro River where grapes are grown for making port wine.

Wine growing hills in the Douro Valley, photo from Wikimedia Commons.

We will visit the town of Murça to get a look at an ancient stone boar, one of many mysterious Celtic animal statues thought to have been divinities of place, and we’ll stop to see the Sanctuary of Panoias. It looks like something out of Ancient Aliens, but was carved by Greek or Roman settlers. We will briefly visit the 2000 year old city of Braga, known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

A detail of the Sanctuary of Panoias. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.
Rebuilt structures at the Castro de São Lourenço, photo from Wikimedia Commons.

And there is more on this itinerary! If you’re curious, find us on Twitter at @NewQuestTours or on our New Quest Tours or I, Like You Tours Facebook pages and request the full itinerary with prices, or send an email to . We look forward to experiencing the wonder of these places with you!

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