What Will I Do on the Tour?

Come along on our Portugal tour in November and you’ll find yourself:

in front of a Roman temple and at a huge ancient dolmen one day,

on a boat to a Templar castle on an island in a river the next day,

in a medieval monastery walking past the marble tombs of kings the next day,

walking down cobblestone streets in a remote village and on a walk looking for spiral rock art and ancient cart ruts the next day,

on to a medieval village built under and around boulders, plus castle ruins and a friendly pub the next day,

and then for the next two days:
staying in a palace built for a king and queen, walking in a walled forest garden that was tended by monks for 1000 years and planted with exotic plants, visiting the eastern shore of the Atlantic Ocean, and attending an evening concert by a ritual pagan folk band,

and on the last day visiting ruins of a hilltop Iron Age Celtic settlement, then saying sad good-byes to Portugal and the new friends you made on the tour.

We’re only taking 15 to 20 people and visiting these places and more, where you’ll experience not only layers of time and wonder but also the friendliness and local wines and foods of Portugal.

I don’t have room here to describe the magic of some of these places as evening falls or to tell you the legends and stories you’ll hear about them when you’re there. It’s the trip of a lifetime for dreamers, writers, history lovers, and anyone who loves to see wonder in the world. And it costs less than you think. Join us!

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